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⭐️ 30 day Magic Oracle Card Reading Class

I did this class privately and by invitation only but it was such a blast I am offering it publicly 🔥🐉

I’m Danielle Fournier, author, artist and
20 year intuitive medium.

Would you like to learn to do your own card readings?
Learn all the different spreads for what you want to know?

This is for you if:

You know you have the intuition.

You know you might want to go into

this for real.

You know you have talent but you haven’t had a lot of practice.

Or you are just simply crazy curious about learning to do great readings for yourself and friends!
I’ve been a psychic medium and intuitive for over 20 years.

I love cards because they are the clearest and fastest way for us to see what’s going on for us.

In the 30 day course, I will be doing live readings every day in the morning.

This gives you an opportunity to not only have readings (yay!) but learn how to do them from different decks with different spreads.

I will also be doing
two weekly Live question and answers
 to help you get clarity about your own spreads.

You can even upload pictures of your cards and get feedback.

All of the trainings and teachings will be live in the Facebook group.

We start June 10! 💓💜⭐️

The first 4 people in receive a free private reading! ($100 value) 💖

It’s $88 and you can enroll here:

YAY! 😍