Goddess Writing 101: For The Woman Who Wants to Activate Her Inner Goddess Through Writing to Heal, Release, Manifest, and Inspire Herself and Her Tribe 

Are you ready to live in full alignment with your soul once and for all? 

You’re in the right place.  

I can’t tell you how many times I talk to women who know that there is MORE out there, their DESTINY, the calling of their SOUL, just waiting for them.  

They tell me,  

“I know I must have a purpose, but I have NO IDEA what it is.”  

“I don’t know what I am doing. I feel so lost, but I know there must be a way out.” 

“Oh! My story is incredible, someday I will write it down..” 

“I hate money. It’s my biggest obstacle in my business.”  

“I have so many ideas, but I just don’t know HOW to get them done. 

“I don’t have a voice. I have lost it in chores, schedules, work and trying to get everyone else’s stuff done for them. There’s no ME anymore!” 

Can you relate? 

If so,  
Goddess Writing 101: For The Woman Who Wants to Activate Her Inner Goddess Through Writing to Heal, Release, Manifest, and Inspire Herself and Her Tribe
is what you have been waiting for.

In this 30 day workshop, I will help you go from feeling confused, foggy brained, frustrated, disconnected, exhausted and disorganized to feeling confident, aligned, living your purpose and having a calm and steady writing practice to plan and manifest your dream life.  

I am able to do this because I have seen firsthand the results that come from writing as a tool for healing, dreaming and releasing our emotions in supportive and healthy ways. 

For over twenty years, I have used writing to achieve my dreams and heal my wounds of depression and anxiety. 

I overcame my eating disorder, defeated massive panic attacks that left me home bound, overcame my fear of flying to travel to 45 countries, sold everything to start over and began a lifelong dream of a writing career as a published author.   

Now I teach others how to get creative with their happiness in my thriving coaching practice- it's more than a dream come true. I found my calling on the page by developing a writing practice that works to ground me into my own divine feminine nature. 

I learned that taking to the page is a sacred act.

The act of writing brings us home to our bodies, where our innate wisdom lies-in The Inner Goddess. Our divine feminine nature has wisdom untapped, and writing releases it so we can expand, grow and exhale. Every woman has this- but we aren’t all using this knowledge to our fullest advantage.  

In tuning onto our core on the page:  

We release our pain on the pain- freeing up space for new experiences. 

We dream on the page- sometimes the only safe place to begin to express our desires. 

We find our INSPIRATION and the words to INSPIRE others. 

I have learned that the Goddess is right there along with us, guiding our every step- if we are bold enough to listen. 

In addition to my personal transformation, I have an MFA in Creative Writing, two decades of publishing experience guiding writers in their craft, and a thriving coaching practice helping writers finish their books.  

Goddess Writing 101 includes: 
Daily exercises, journal prompts, and content drops
to connect your to your SOUL and attune to the divine feminine 
3x weekly live trainings for Q/As and support
Module 1 Body/Temple/Self Care 
Module 2 Spirit/Connection/Contribution 
Module 3 Money/Prosperity/Thriving 
Module 4 Self Love/Romance/Love Languages + Expression 
Lifetime Access
Online and Recorded

You will learn: 
How MANIFEST what you desire via directed journaling 
How to CLEAR the energy that makes you grumpy, drained, tired, lonely, scared, and stuck 
How to INSPIRE yourself and others by tuning into what your soul really wants to express in this world. 
How to HEAL yourself from every trauma, fear, and circumstance by writing it out 

Bonus!!! You will also recieve 
Clearing Exercise Audio  
Claiming Your Power Words Audio 
My 30 Day Journaling Course 

What my clients are saying:
“Thank you for not letting me slide! For recognizing my worth! And calling me out when you know I needed what you could help me to discover.” - Amanda  

“She is an amazing coach and she can help you pull things out of yourself that you never knew you had. She has an amazing way of helping you move through your process.” - Eileen 

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you... 

What it would be like to wake up knowing your are living in your purpose, finally! 

To achieve closure and healing on wounds that held you back for years.
To no longer struggle with direction, having clarity in all areas of life. 

To feel passion, joy and pleasure every damn day. 

To know you can meet any challenge with grace, honor, and peace.
To finally take decisive action on long held off plans
that keep you up at night. 

I want you to know that life like this is possible for you- and your birthright! 

Are you ready to start making your SOUL’S CALLING a non-negotiable in your life?  

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We start April 11 

Love, D
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