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Do you feel blocked intuitively?

Do you know you were meant to do something on this planet, but just have no idea what it is?

Are you a healer? Teacher? Giver? Problem solver?

But you feel like something you can’t see is standing in your way?

That if you could just figure it out,
you could make a noticeable impact
on the world
and change people’s lives?

That’s awesome!

A. You can feel your soul trying to guide you in the direction and
B. You can feel that you have something standing in your way.

And that sheer recognition is POWERFUL.

Most people look at what is surrounding them and accept it.

Others, however, know that there is so much more in teh unseen realm.

A purpose.
A life.
A way of being that cries out from their soul.

And...they know it’s possible.
And very, very close to becoming real.

If only they could unlock their potential ...

In working with my clients, whether it’s designing a hotel social media plan, creating a bestselling book or launching a startup to disrupt the food industry, I see the same situation over and over.

Alignment is key.

Aligning to purpose, direction, and talents.
Clearing the stuff in the way (all the why nots, naysaying, doubts, fears, procrastinating).
Supporting the implementation phase to keep the changes and direction on lockdown.

The ones who follow their plan succeed.- BIG TIME.
The ones who don’t...just stay stuck in their rut, day after day after day.

So I have created Soul Code Academy to walk you though the process without a book, an existing business or even an idea of what you want to do.

What are you here to do?
How are you going to do it?
What’s standing in your way?
What support do you need to make it happen while staying sane, aligned and happy?

Here’s how it works:

Module 1: 3 weeks ALIGNMENT with Intuition
1 on 1 weekly sessions with me. We define who you are at a soul level with intuitive sessions. What’s on target for you: finanicially, emotionally, relationally? What is your purpose? How do you pull yourself down? How do you boost yourself? What do you REALLY want and NEEd to be fulfilled? These are deeply personal to your soul and that’s why we do this in private so you can share authentically.

The FB group will be live and I be posting trainings on this for support 2x a week. Participate at will and feel free to share your discoveries with this group. Or feel free to just be supported in love while we align our visions in this first section.

Module 2: 3 weeks REWRITING how we access it
Now that we have our visions, our clarity and our inspiration on lock, it’s time to learn how we need support. I will be teaching how to feed your soul in the way that supports YOU- not anyone else. We will be rewriting our lives according to our Soul Code- how we were meant to show up on this planet and live according to purpose. You will earn how to access your intuition on a clear and present basis. Make decisions based on alignment in stead of how you have been programmed to respond by finding your clairs, developing intuition and listening to your guides. This is where we witness a lot of our healing. We release our stories and prepare to take our dreams public, newly armed with deep intention, faith and a solid plan.

2x weekly trainings in the group and 20 min sessions 1 on 1 during this module as we alchemize the realizations and release the limiting beliefs.

Module 3: 3 weeks IMPLEMENTING your intuition
Here’s where we start showing up in new ways. We back our dreams with action. We say yes and no decisively. We are trusting our vision and taking steps towards it. We have the massive support of the community as we launch our ideas, open to new levels and use our intuition to make soul aligned decisions.

2x weekly trainings in the group and 20 min sessions 1 on 1 to support you in the most critical phase of this work- making it REAL.

Here’s who this is for:

You are resolute that you have a mission.
You know you are energetically blocked and are ready to figure it out.
You are releasing complaining, blaming, and procrastinating.
You are deeply intuitive and have yet to access your power fully.
You know you are amazing and ready to uplevel.
You are looking for a teacher to hold you accountable in a loving way and call you to more.
You know that if you shift these blocks, your world will unfold before you.
You know that all the strategy in the wold won’t work if you continue to hide form your purpose.
Yo are ready to shift this energy TODAY.

Taking the first step, saying yes to your calling and enrolling, is the first shift that starts a domino effect.

In everything I have done- built businesses, healed my anxiety, written books, travelled to 45 countries alone, kept newspapers running when others failed, manifested a soul mate love, discovered my creative talents and started selling quickly, plus maintaining a steady intuitive client list for over 2 decades all happened because of how I followed the ever evolving process of my soul using these tools:
your INTUITION according to your SOUL CODE

Imagine knowing what you want to do.
Knowing how to do it.
Seeing where you get off course and correcting quickly.
Making soul aligned decisions that feel GREAT- and quickly.
Being able to trust your intuition to make choices that bring you the results you are destined for.

Call out your soul and get aligned to your purpose.

We begin June 10, 2019

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