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Want to know what publishers want in a book - and give it to them- without selling out? 

Do you want to be the 1 in 100 that gets a yes from a publisher- or one of the 99 NOs?

If you are looking to publish your book with traditional publishing, you need to understand The Dark Side of Publishing and The 5 Steps to YES.

Publishers and agents are looking for specific elements to not only your book—but your entire presentation—so that they can decide if you are worth taking a big chance on.

Publishers spend thousands of dollars getting a book to market and they want to know that you are going to be a safe bet.

So, how do you do that? 

You learn the 5 big mistakes that authors make when pitching their books that lead to a NO and turn those into a YES. 

Rejection Sucks. It’s a part of an author’s life. But you can dramatically improve your odds.

When you realize what the publishing industry is looking for in a submission, you stand way better odds of landing a book deal. 

Yes, you need to write a great book. That’s not the main reason authors hear crickets when they submit query letters.

IT’S PREPAREDNESS. Most authors just fling their lovely books at the publishing industry without any further thought.

As a published author, I have submitted work many, many times. As a publisher, I have seen truckloads of submissions. 

It takes me 2 seconds to decide if I am going to look at your entire manuscript.

My dream author? The ones I move from the slush pile of maybes to the YES pile?

  • Knows their book inside and out. It’s edited, tidy and error-free. (That tells me they are serious.)

  • Has an idea of who is going to be BUYING this book. (And it ISN’T everyone.) They are already connecting to their audience.

  • They understand that publishing is a business and they are excited to launch their career as a professional. (Nothing turns me off faster than someone who wants a fat check and plans to sit around on a beach while I risk thousands on their launch. Modern book marketing means hard work, even with a following.)

  • They have something unique, compelling and of value to offer. (That includes fiction! Entertainment COUNTS.) 

This how you get eyes on your book: you learn to think like the publishing industry while retaining your unique voice. 

The Dark Side Of Publishing: 5 Steps To Getting YES To Your Book is going LIVE on March 16, 2020. 

If you have a book that’s done (or at least 2/3rds done) and you are committed to getting it published, you need to come to this class. 

Learn the 5 big secrets to getting a YES. We will be exposing what publishers really think and why they and the gatekeepers (agents, editors, readers) reject your book or send them up the chain for publishing. 

I’m offering this 5-week LIVE group coaching course only ONCE (because then it will be an evergreen course WITHOUT LIVE HELP.)

This is your chance to get my eyes and brain on your manuscript, query letter, marketing plan, submission list and publishing strategy in 2020. 

The Details

5-week online group coaching class

5 modules


Module 1 The Professional Manuscript

Module 2 Your Marketing Plan

Module 3 Building A Submission List

Module 4 Writing Query Letters

Module 5 Self Publishing Options

What’s Covered

Module 1 The Professional Manuscript

How close are you to done? Do you need editing? What’s working? Strengths? Weaknesses? Creating a logline. Formatting and presentation and also covered. How to self evaluate like an agent. (And how to avoid the top pitfalls.) We get your manuscript to New York level standards.


Module 2 Your Marketing Plan

Who is going to buy your book? How are you reaching people? Paid or organic marketing? HOW are people going to find about your book? How are you building a fan base? This week we design your personal strategy for marketing that reflects your goals, budget, and personality. 

Module 3 Building A Submission List

The rejection rate in publishing is about 99/100. THAT’S OKAY. That just means you need to submit A LOT- and to the right people. This week we are building a list of agents, presses, readers, and publications you would be THRILLED to work with- and will be pitching at the end of the course.

Module 4 Writing Query Letters

This is your blind date with the book world. “Who are you? What are you selling me? Will this be successful? Will this person be EASY to work with? We’ll answer these unspoken questions with your professional, finely crafted query letter that leaves a great first impression so that agents and editors and readers ask you to submit your manuscript. •see the early bird bonus about how you can get personal 1 on 1 help with this crucial step when you enroll early

Module 5 Self Publishing Options

One very appealing way to turn the publishing world’s eye is to start selling your books as you submit your queries to the traditional book world. WHY? Because it shows results. It shows initiative. It shows follow-through and professional understanding of how publishing works. (It can also feel like going forward when you feel frustrated waiting for 6-week reply rates for submissions.) This week we will cover just how to get that book on Amazon without losing your mind or getting a degree in computer programming- and how to use your results to get more YESES from Big Five publishers


Swipe File Query Template Pack 

30 Day Social Media Posting Calendar  

This a once only class. I’m likely never offering to do this LIVE again, as this course is going to become a staple of Dragolin’s offers on our website. This is your chance to get my help on your book directly without a premium book coaching package (currently unavailable) or paying $250 a single session. 

I’m a 30 year veteran of the publishing industry and I can help you avoid the pitfalls that most authors make that make it so you don’t even get to show YOUR ACTUAL BOOK to people who would give you a book deal. 

This class is exposing the dark side of publishing (why you are really getting rejected!) and giving you 5 essential elements that DRASTICALLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF GETTING A YES. 

Want in?

The first 5 people to enroll will get a private review of their finished query letter with me personally. I’ll help you refine it, tell you what works and what doesn’t, and help you feel confident that you are introducing your book in a way that makes agents and editors sit up and take notice- the FIRST time.

Enroll here.

We start on March 16, 2020.

Pay in Full $497

Or Break It Up With the extended payment plan.