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Bend, Oregon •  November 2020



Briar Harvey

Briar Harvey is an author, podcaster, and systems expert. She delights in telling stories, and believes that systems are what allow people who have a problem to connect with a product or service that solves that problem, not about Inbox Zero and making kittens cry. You can find her at her website, briarharvey.com.

Briar will be performing at Menagerie this November. 

Submit your story now and join her. 


Menagerie Storytelling Festival Audiobook 

Can you tell a good story?  

Storytelling connects humanity. 

We humans have been sitting around campfires and kitchen tables for eons, using our voices to connect us through our experience.  

If you are a natural born storyteller, a gifted orator or just a great talker that’s been looking for a place to showcase your talents, this is a great place for you to be. 

The Menagerie Storytelling Festival Audiobook is a hybrid audiobook/storytelling festival/performance piece that brings together truth-tellers, aural enchanters, storytellers, spoken word and sound story makers into an exploration of one theme in each volume.  

The Festival, founded in 2019 in Bend, OR, was created to give a wide reaching platform for artists and performers to collaborate without needing to attend a fixed location while also providing a venue for talented and emerging storytellers to be seen.  

Think This American Life meets Prairie Home Companion meets The Moth, but in portable in audiobook form, plus an ebook version published simultaneously.  

Our first volume is the exploration of the theme of “Call Me Crazy”. 

People LOVE to call other people Crazy, but what does it really mean? 

What impact does it have on people who are called crazy? 

How does the label help/hinder people?  

Is it relative? Important? Real? 

Is it even a thing?!  

How is crazy a good thing? 

And any other way you care to spin this idea is fair game! These are just some starting questions. 

“Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. Every culture has its own stories or narratives, which are shared as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation or instilling moral values.” Wikipedia 


Volume I : Call Me Crazy 

10 storytellers, performers and artists will answer in their own words what Crazy IS, or ISN'T in this exciting and dynamic audiobook of unique and original pieces written and performed 

If you: 

• are a person who likes to talk and communicate A LOT about ideas 

• love to tell a good story 

• are looking for a credible way to gain exposure 

• are a performer or speaker looking for bona fide performance opportunities 

• want to have a concrete way to share your piece with festivals, events and booking agents 

• have important ideas to share 

• enjoy teaching via story 

• love to entertain with storytelling 

• want to receive royalties for your work 

• also enjoy the idea of becoming a published author 

The Menagerie Storytelling Festival Audiobook is open for submissions. 

Submit Here 

“Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate something to your audience. Some stories are factual, and some are embellished or improvised in order to better explain the core message. While this definition is pretty specific, stories actually resemble a variety of things.” Hubspot  

As a performer, you will:  

• Be featured in the Menagerie Storytelling Festival Compendium audiobook production as a standalone chapter 

• Also be published as a chapter in The Menagerie Ebook on Amazon- you'll be a published author as well as a  performer! 

• Earn quarterly royalties on book sales from both the ebook and audiobook. 

• Be featured on our website with your bio and links to your content 

• Have the opportunity to perform live at the Menagerie Storytelling Festival in Fall 2020, location and dates to be announced mid-March. 

• Get support and review (if desired) from the other participants in our private Facebook group 

• Have total control over the production of your piece 

Why an audiobook? 

• audiobook sales are increasing steadily each year 

• a top 20 ranking generates audiobook sales  

• once you are ranked in the algorithm, you can stay there  

• less competition, less competitor discounting  

• Tap into a bigger market and passive income in just 8 weeks 

Using our 30 Day Launch Plan To Create A Top 20 Audiobook Launch that creates bestsellers quickly 

If you are looking for: 

  • Exposure to new audiences 

  • A showcase for your performance with other excellent performers 

  • Royalty payments for your work 

  • A centralized, prominent location for your speaking reel 

  • Leveraged marketing exposure as your fellow performers drive traffic to the book from their audience 


• write and perform your own piece (or have it performed for you) 

• record your piece to our requirements 

• you must own the rights to your performance piece 

• your piece must be free of noise, pops, hiss, and noise (see file requirements HERE) 

• no explicit material, please 

• no hate speech or bullying 

• political pieces are acceptable, as long as they are respectful 

• File must be submitted by February 8, 2019 

RELEASE DATE IS February 28, 2020 


Submission Fee: $297 


• Do I need to have experience?  

Nope, just a solid story that is at least 7 minutes long that you can perform 

• Can I use my iPhone to record my piece? 

Yes, but please read our submission requirements HERE

• Will I receive author credits on Amazon and the website. 


• Can I publish/perform my piece elsewhere? 


• Do I keep the rights for my work? 

Yes, you retain all the rights to your work.  

• Do I get a copy of the audiobook for myself?  

Yes, you do. You will receive a copy of the entire book when it is published.  

• I already have a piece prepared, can I use that? 

Yes. You can submit it on the form.

• I want to develop a piece, can i reserve my spot now even though I am not ready yet? 

Yes. You have until February 8, 2020 to submit files.

File requirements: 

Your submitted audiobook file must: 

Each uploaded audio file must: